Micah, Cheyenne, Cayden, & Divya

Micah Olson – Lead Pastor

Micah Olson grew up in Southern California. After graduating high school, he received his bachelors and masters degree in Bible. Micah married his wife, Cheyenne, in May 2017. Micah and Cheyenne spent the first 4 1/2 years of their marriage in 2 different church internships. These internships helped equip Micah for his future pastoral ministry. Micah was voted in as the lead pastor at Cornerstone Bible Church in January 2022 and his family moved from CO to UT in March 2022 to begin their ministry.

Frank Curtis – Discipleship Pastor

Frank & Roberta

Frank Curtis was born in Utah and raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Through the ministry of a Bible church started in his home town, Frank and his wife Roberta came to trust Christ as Savior. In 1983 Frank graduated from the pastoral ministries track at the Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music with a three year diploma. He later received a Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Studies from Frontier School of the Bible.  He serves with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. In 1989, Frank and His family planted Provo Bible Church in Provo, Utah. In 2004, they turned the church over to other missionaries and moved to Morgan, Utah, to start Grace Bible Church of Morgan Valley. Frank is gifted and passionate about teaching God’s Word. Frank is the pastor of discipleship at Cornerstone Bible Church.

2014-06-15 13.13.04

 Neil Armstrong – Music Pastor 

Neil Armstrong is also a missionary with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. Neil is a graduate of Frontier School of the Bible in La Grange, WY.  Neil leads worship ministry at Cornerstone Bible Church.

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